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We support impact-focused journalists to highlight and solve the most pressing global issues. 

Our goal is for the journalism we support to help as many individuals as possible, as much as possible.


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Our Principles

The following principles motivate our work:

  • Impartiality. We believe that everyone’s concerns matter equally, regardless of where or when they live. This includes nonhuman animals.

  • Prioritization. We believe that certain stories can do 100 times more good than others. Tarbell Fellows strive to uncover such neglected opportunities with high-reward potential. Their goal is to find the very best topics to cover, rather than just writing stories that make some difference.

  • Truth-seeking. We believe in changing our minds and strive to impartially seek the truth. Tarbell Fellows dedicate significant time to carefully considering and reflecting on their beliefs, aiming to be guided by reason and evidence, even if they challenge preconceived notions.

Focus Areas

Our Fellows are not united by any particular topic, but by a way of thinking. They try to prioritise problems that:

1. Would have a huge impact if solved,

2. We're able to make progress on quickly, and

3. Are currently neglected.

We don't dictate which topics Tarbell Fellows cover or how they cover them. Instead, we provide the time and resources to think carefully about the best ways to help others with their writing, and then go do it.

We're open to supporting Fellows working on a range of issues. In 2024, we will focus exclusively on fellows seeking to cover artificial intelligence. Some other problems we're particularly excited about include:

Our Team.

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